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Basic PHP :--

1. Introduction:--

Classes Objects

Object based Object Oriented Programming.

Three Tier Architecture.

HTML significance of HTML in web development.

What is CSS how it is helpful.

Database its properties.

Difference between DBMS RDBMS.

What is PHP

Why it is called server side scripting language.

Why it is useful in web development.

What are type shape type loose languages?

Difference between various versions of PHP

Compiler Interpreter

What is ZEND Engine

Work of ZEND Engine

Tags in PHP

PHP Configuration

Apache Configuration

MySQL Configuration

2. Language Constructors

3. Data types in PHP

4. Resource Management

5. Constants

6. Variables

  • Simple variable declaration
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Checking type of variables
  • Changing type of variables

7. Loops

8. Operators

  • Precedence of operators
  • Associativity of operators
  • Operator types
  • Identical Comparison Operator

9. String Declaration

10. Arrays

  • What is an array
  • Why we use arrays instead of simple methods

Types of arrays:--

1) Indexed Array

  • Indexed array declaration
  • How to print single element from an array
  • How to print every value present in an array
  • General functions related to arrays

2) Associative Array

  • Associative array declaration
  • How to single element from an associative array
  • How to print every value present in an associative array
  • General functions related to associative array

3) Mixed Array

  • Mixed array declaration

11. File Handling

  • Creating a file
  • Opening a file
  • Reading a file
  • Writing into a file
  • Closing a file
  • Deleting a file
  • Checking size of a file
  • Checking existence of a file
  • Sending the pointer to a particular location in a file
  • Finding the current location of a pointer
  • Check whether file contents end or not
  • Locate the pointer at the beginning of file
  • File locking.
  • File Uploading and File Downloading

12. Functions

  • Isset, is_null empty functions
  • Call by value call by reference
  • Local Global Variables
  • Pre Post Increment Decrement Operators
  • Static Variables
  • Global Keyword

13. Types of Errors

14. Methods for sending requests to server

15. Super Global Variables

16. Include Require

17. Explode Implode

18. String Array Remaining Functions

19. Header Function

20. MySQL

SQL Introduction:--

  • Connecting to MySQL
  • Creating a database in MySQL via script
  • Selecting a database
  • Dropping a database
  • Creating tables
  • Inserting into tables
  • Modifying a table
  • Updating values in a table
  • Renaming
  • Grant Revoke Functions
  • Closing Connections
  • Triggers
  • Joins
  • Fetching data from MySQL Database

21. Session

  • What is a session
  • Initializing session variables
  • Retrieving values from session variables
  • Destroying session variables

22. Cookies

  • What is a cookie
  • Types of cookies
  • Initializing Cookie Variables
  • Retrieving cookie variables
  • Destroying a cookie

23. Object Oriented Concepts in PHP

  • Public, Private Protected
  • $this keyword
  • Constructors Destructors
  • Polymorphism


  • Operator Overloading
  • Function Overloading


  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Class Methods
  • Interface
  • Final Class


  • Checked Exception
  • Unchecked Exception
  • Magic Methods

24. Working with Regular Expressions

  • preg ereg functions
  • Email validation
  • String pattern matching
  • PCRE expression

25. Introduction to MVC architecture and advantages of using MVC architecture.

  • Joomla Introduction
  • Drupal Introduction
  • Frameworks in PHP
  • AJAX
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  • 1 Web based Project
  • 1 Major Project

Domains / Industry

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  • Online Gift Portal
  • Online Power Portal

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