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Advance PHP :--

*Joomla, Wordpress, MYSQL, HTML, Javascript, drupal, Ajax, jQuery, CakePHP, SMARTY, Zend, Blogger, Magento, OS-Commerce, Open Cart, Gallary, SEO

1) Joomla

  • What Is Joomla?
  • Installation of Joomla.
  • What is CMS (Content Management System)?
  • What Is MVC architecture?
  • User and Access Management
  • Article Management
  • Category Management
  • Menu Management
  • Module Management
  • Component Management
  • Template Management
  • Plugin Management
  • Global Configuration Management
  • Project on Joomla.

2) Drupal

a) Understanding Drupal

b) Drupal concepts

  • The Drupal overview
  • Is Drupal the right tool for the job?
  • General concepts
  • Content types
  • In Drupal, viewing a page and editing a page are almost the same
  • Understanding Drupal paths
  • Differentiating between kinds of "users"

c) Technology stack

d) Is Drupal secure?

e) Installing Drupal

f) Web Page Design

g) Working with Drupal Themes

h) The Drupal Page

i) Drupal Content

j) Customizing the Content Editing Forms

k) Users and Community Participation

l) Administrative Interfaces

3) An Introduction to jQuery

4) Smarty

a) Getting Started

  • What is Smarty?
  • Installation

b) Smarty For Template Designers

  • Basic Syntax
  • Variables
  • Variable Modifiers
  • Combining Modifiers
  • Built in Functions
  • Custom Functions
  • Config Files
  • Debugging Console

c) Smarty For Programmers

  • Constants
  • Smarty Class Variables
  • Smarty Class Methods()
  • Caching
  • Advanced Features
  • Extending Smarty With Plugins

5) Cake PHP

a) Installation

  • Unpack and install
  • Validation 1
  • Configuring a database connection
  • Editing the database configuration file
  • Validation 2
  • Creating the application tables

b) Helpers

  • Modifying the users_controller.php file
  • Making tables easier
  • Creating the knownusers view
  • Form generation
  • Making the most of your helpers

c) CakePHP data validation

  • The Tor user model
  • Roll your own validation
  • Taking validation further

d) Filling in the gaps

  • Login
  • The index action
  • Logout

6. Overview of Oracle

7. Introduction-What is SEO

  • How search engine works
  • Differences Between Major Search Engines


  • Choosing the Right Keywords
  • Keyword in Page Titles
  • Keyword in special places
  • Keywords in Headings
  • Keywords in URLs and Filename


  • Why Links are important
  • Anchor Text
  • Inbound and Outbound links
  • Link Practices that are to be avoided

Metatags Content

  • How to frequently add content to your site
  • Bold and Italic Text
  • Duplicate Content
Industry Interface Program


  • 3 Assignments / Mini Projects
  • 1 Web based Project
  • 1 Major Project

Domains / Industry

  • Online Book Store
  • Online Gift Portal
  • Online Power Portal

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