Monday, 27 February 2017

Solutionandtheservices and Shri Nangli Computer Tuition Center, Batala, Punjab, India

LLP is closed All the certifications will be from ISO.

Solutionandtheservices and Shri Nangli Computer Tuition Center

LLP is closed All the Certifications will be from ISO.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course:

1) Introduction to Digital Marketing
2) Buying Domain and Hosting
3) Content Advantages and Content Rules
4) Content Marketing with Content Creation
5) Content Marketing with Content Calendar
6) Email Marketing, It’s importance and delivery process
7) Building Email List and capturing Email Contacts
8) Types of Marketing Mailers
9) Intro to Optin Softwares
10) Intro to Mass Mailing
11) Mass Mailing Setup and Demo with Mailchimp
12) Intro. of Google Adwords & PPC Advertising
13) Adwords Campaigns and Ad Extentions
14) Live Walkthrough Google Adwords and Keywords Match Types
15) Intro to Display ads and Video ads
16) Adwords Remarketing
17) Tracking Performance & Conversions
18) Intro. to Web Analytics
19) Setup and understanding of Google Analytics
20) Google Analytics Reports and Essentials
21) Intro to Lead Generation
22) Intro to Conversion Rate Optimization
23) Types of Testing and Its Tools
24) Intro of Social Media Marketing[SMO]
25) Exploring SMO potential
26) Social Media Profile Setup on different Platforms
27) Learning SM Contents Planning and Calendar Creation
28) Advertising in Social Media
29) Manual and Auto Social Media
30) Key Performance indicators for Online Presence
31) Tools for Online listening
32) E-Commerce
33) Selling by Woocommerce
34) Setting Payment Gateway with Woocommerce
35) Setting Logistics with Woocommerce
36) Setting up Online Store
37) Shopping Ads
38) Kartrocket/Magento Live Demo.
39) Marketplace Selling with registration and Panel Overview with Key guidelines
40) Intro. and overview of SEO
41) Intro. and selection of Keywords
42) On Page and Off Page SEO
43) SEO optimization by HTML
44) Webmaster Tools
45) LinkBuilding
46) Local SEO
47) SEO Tools/Algo
48) Organic SEO
49) Mobile Marketing by Paid/Organic Display Ads/App Store
50) Media Buying with 3 Important Players and their Roles
51) Text/Banner/Multimedia Ads
52) Online Ads/Key Targeting/Inventory Types
53) Intro. to AdSense Marketing
54) Managing Payouts & campaigns
55) Picking and adding tracking
56) Choosing right offers
57) AdSense Pitfalls to avoid
58) OM Strategy Creation in different Modes